I have been off pain meds for a week and counting. 

I am not a drug addict. 

I have Crohn’s disease and had permanent ostomy surgery on Sept. 28th, 2016.  In November I was admitted to the hospital because I was having extreme abdominal pain. The doctor diagnosed with ileus which is a fancy word for constipation.in the hospital they gave me stool softeners and laxatives and finally colonoscopy prep to drink- yuck! After that things did get moving again! 

 My ileus was basically caused by my pain meds. My nurse practitioner explained that after about 2 months the pain meds start having adverse effects on the colon. I don’t want to be in the hospital again and I want to be in the best health I can be- so now if I need something for pain I am to take Tylenol (NSAIDs like Motrin are harmful to my insides.) I have to say since then my output has been flowing nicely. It’s nice to feel healthier and “normal” again. I have been on and off pain meds for months prior to surgery due to pain and for months after surgery because of surgical pain.  So it’s nice not to be in pain and not have to rely on pain meds to get through the day anymore. 

One day at a time. Each day I am getting healthier and stronger! 🙂 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 

*photo compliments of google image search