I wanted my first post of 2017 to be positive, but I can’t promise that. I can promise honesty and possible inspiration

I have been on disability for 6 months. I had permanent ostomy  surgery on September 28th, 2016. I also had my rectum and anus removed, otherwise known as “barbie butt” surgery, lol. Due to the nature of my disease the doctor didn’t sew my butt shut but rather left it open to heal from the inside out due to my perianal and rectal disease. My wound is still open but minimally. The better news is I am finally off the prednisone. YAY! 

I am returning to work on Monday (January 9th, 2017). I made the decision to return to work. My surgeon lets his patients decide when to return to work because they know their bodies best. However, I am getting mixed responses when I tell people I am returning to work. Some people are excited for me, while others question my decision. Thus, this makes me rethink my decision the past few days. Am I ready to return to work? Is it too soon? Am I strong enough

Ultimately, I have not changed my mind. I am returning to work on Monday. I am following my gut instinct. 

When I had my first surgery in 2008, most people were concerned I was going back to graduate school too soon (3 months after surgery) and that I would not make it. I proved them wrong. I did well that year and continued on to get my doctorate in 2011. I am determined to prove the nay-sayers wrong again. 



Make 2017 FIERCE! 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 

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