I pooped in the shower today. It wasn’t the first time either. 

Let me explain. 

I have an ostomy and I had a leak so I was taking what we ostomates call a “naked shower” otherwise known as showering without your bag. (As a side notes – naked showers are glorious and don’t happen everyday. So those of you without an ostomy don’t take showering and cleaning all your skin everyday for granted.) 

Anyways, my gut decided it was going to poop in the shower today. I wanted to get mad because I had to stop the shower to clean the poop out of the shower. Then I popped on the floor outside of the shower. So I had a lot of cleaning before resuming the shower. But I did not get mad. I just took a deep breath because shit happens. Shit happens everyday, at anytime, and at any place. The shower is not the worst place to poop and it’s probably one of the easiest places to clean up. 

Thanks for reading! 

*Image compliments of google image search