I need to vent about this. I ordered my Ostomy supplies February 9th, they shipped the 13th. I usually get them 2 days after they are shipped. The 15th came and went. I called the company they said Saturday I should get it. Saturday I used the last wafer ( part that sticks to my skin). I called today again bc I still have no supplies. My Ostomy company is now irritated as well and was directed to call FedEx. FedEx is now searching for the package
Are you kidding me?! 

Then the FedEx guy ask the contents of the package and I say Ostomy supplies and I instantly know he has no idea as he asks me to repeat myself. Dude it’s my toilet! That’s what I wanted to say. 

I also want to throw a bag shit at the FedEx delivery guy because I watched the FedEx guy pass my house 2 times on Saturday. Then maybe next time he will be more considerate of the being timely with his job and not thinking “it can wait; it’s not a big deal.” 

I hope I don’t have a leak before I get my supplies. 😐

End rant. 

Thanks for reading. 😊