Do you have an autoimmune disease or Chronic illness and you are wanting to start a manageable fitness routine? Me too. I made a new years resolution that I will try an increase my frequency of working out to 3-4 times a week by the years end. My passion is running. The last time I ran 3-5 miles was two years ago.

At the beginning of the year, I started my fitness routine which consists of working out with a friend 1x a week. Accountability! Now, it helps me get to the gym most of the time. There are some days, I don’t feel well enough to go.

Rule #1: Listen to your body. If your body is saying, I feel sick. Take the time to rest and get enough sleep. Sleep is healing for your body. Begin your workout routine when you feel healthy. Also, skip a session if your body is showing signs of extreme fatigue, illness, or pain. There is no sense in becoming increasing ill.

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Rule #2: Make your workout FUN! Zumba Class, yoga, walking the dogs, whatever your passion, DO IT! 🙂
If it’s something you dislike, it increases your chances for finding excuses to not go! Make it something you look forward to doing!


Rule #3: There is no amount of time you need to exercise for a workout to be successful. If you can only complete 10 minutes, GREAT! The important thing is that you are trying and moving! Start with what you can do and as you get stronger you can increase the length of your workouts as well as the intensity.

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Rule #4: Intensity! Start with what you can do and don’t overdo it! If you over do it, chances are you are not gonna workout for a while after. And that’s not the point. Forget the saying: “no pain, no gain.” Pain equals injury or chances for increases exhaustion = not staying healthy.


Rule #5: Stay hydrated! This means WATER! 🙂 Water is the best hydration! Gatorade and other sports drinks have a lot of sugar! Fuel your body with water!

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Rule #6: Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a session. IF you work out 1 day a week and miss, it’s ok. Get back on the wagon next week! Don’t let excuses create a habit of not trying to maintain health!

**I am not a health expert, these are MY thoughts and opinions based on my own experiences!**

Thanks for reading and happy workouts!

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