I want to provide a place for recipes that are “approved” for my diet- gluten free, diary free and low fiber. I will test all the recipes provided here and post the one’s that taste well and are tolerated by my gut. Please caution, that everyone may respond differently to each recipe depending on the ingredients and what his or her body can tolerate. But since I have had a difficult time finding things to eat for me, I wanted to provide a recipes that have worked to make it easier for you! 🙂

Apple Cider Mini Donuts
-Apple Cider Mini donuts/muffins from http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/apple-cider-doughnuts-donuts/

* I used 1/3 cup maple sugar vs regular sugar and dairy free butter (soy based) 61tEgDpadgL._SY355AA355_PIbundle-18,TopRight,0,0_AA355_SH20_
*Picture compliments of my cousin who made these mini muffins first and I had to try them!

Pasta Salad



This involves brown rice pasta (gluten free), seedless peeled and skinned cucumbers, salmon in a can, Heinz mayo and yellow mustard. Cook the pasta for 10 minutes and then rinse with bottled water. (I cannot tolerate tap water so I must rinse with bottled water. Then I add Salmon in a can (a small can) with 2 table spoons of mayo and then mustard. I just cover the pasta in mustard (squeezing approximately 5 seconds.) I like mustard so I may add mre than other people like so you can add the amount you see fit. Then add the cucumbers (1 full cucumber seedless and skinned and cut into pieces).

 Chicken hummus pizza


  • udi pizza crust (gluten free dairy free)
  • Sabra hummus (sun dried tomato)
  •  mozerella cheese shreds (diary free)
  • White chicken breast in a can (gluten free)

Spread the hummus on the crust as you would like sauce. I use hummus because it doesn’t give me heart burn like sauce does. Sprinkle cheese on the hummus. Add as much chicken to the pizza as you want. Bake 10 minutes at 375 degrees.