So to update everyone, I went to the internal medicine/infectious disease doctor the other day and he order like 22 blood test no lie. All were for the most part normal, except for the phospholipids. I am not sure if they were either high or low, but he said that he would have to consult with a rheumatologist on how to treat me. He also wasn’t sure in how that would relate to my crohn’s disease either but he had to do some more research. But it gave him a starting point. In the mean time, I was to use silvadine cream twice a day to damped the effects of the rash. I can’t confirm or deny that the cream is working or not. It’s really hard to say at this point because I have had this stupid rash for such a long time. Needless to say, I have an appointment with the rheumatologist on Thursday. Fingers crossed again for the 10th time that we are on the way to finding a treatment.

In regards to my other symptoms, they are getting out of control. The nausea is increasing daily and to me that is almost the equivalent of having pain all the time. It’s almost debilitating. Also, I have a few canker sores. Something new is brewing inside me, I hope it shows up on my endoscopy on the 13th.  And its of course summer time weather and my joints are acting up! But I am fighting to stay strong!

Thank for reading! 🙂