My surgeon has written a script for me to use a two- piece ostomy system by hollister with a clear bag. I am not a fan of the clear bag because I don’t want to look at poop as I am sure neither does the anyone else whom I may come in contact with. The only thing I do like about the clear bags is seeing the stoma. I like to double check it’s looking healthy. I have named my Stoma, Stomie. So I like to check on Stomie from time to time! 

With that said, I have been searching the Internet for ways to jazz up Stomie’s bag. I found a way to creatively add duct tape to the bag and leave the opening so I can see Stomie. Others may choose to cover the flange. It’s all personal preference. Credit to the idea goes Sierra Boring- she posted the idea on a Facebook support group. Thank you Sierra! 

(My first bag I covered with duct tape) 

The only thing I don’t like about covering the bag with duct tape is it makes the bag more rigid and it is just wierd wo me when emptying it. Not really that big a deal. You must be very careful not to cut the bag! I accidentally did today and I didn’t know it until I was emptying my bag and poop seeped out! Yikes! 

After the poop leaked out from the hole I accidentally cut in it decorating it, I thought I will try and make a fabric cover for it. I have  house warming party to attend tomorrow and a cover would be nice to wear. So I googled how to make one, bought the material, and hand stitched one to trial as my first one! (Shout out to my mom who supports everything I do and instill confidence in me! I love you mom!) 

(My first ostomy cover I made!- not bad considering I hand stitched it and I rushed it because I was tired.) 

Cheers to new crafting adventures for ostomy accessories! Bringing fashion and fun to ostomies! 

Thanks for reading! 🙂